You’re Life is on the Line, Practise well.

--Hatsumi Sensei

The Edmonton TenChiJin Dojo, originally the Jihi no Kokoro Dojo was founded in 1999 by Carlyle Cupid. Carlyle wanted to create a dojo where people with good hearts could come and train. The name Jihi no Kokoro Dojo means 'the Benevolent Heart Dojo'.

In an effort to improve his technique as well as that of his students; in 2001 Carlyle placed the School under the guidance of Bill Atkins, a senior member of the Bujinkan. In the fall of 2003 Carlyle went to pursue training in Japan and left the school in the care of Jason Meltzer, Cliff Lauchlan and Anton Phipps. Due to health reasons Carlyle has stopped formal training.

The school is now named the Bujinkan Phipps dojo, reflecting the current curriculum taught at the school. This curriculum was developed by Anton Phipps based on the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki developed by Hatsumi Sensei as well as instruction from the Japanese Shihan.


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