You’re Life is on the Line, Practise well.

--Hatsumi Sensei

     The Bujinkan Phipps Dojo trains the Martial arts for self defence and enjoyment. All of the instructors at the dojo have had a positive influence on their lives because of the martial arts through friendships of fellow martial artists, travel to other cities; provinces; and even countries for the seminars and training, physical well being, and of course self defence applications.

     Training in the various martial arts of the Bujinkan develops flexibility, helps prevent injury, and self defence skills. With instructors who spend at minimum 2 months a year training in Japan, the Bujinkan Phipps Dojo focuses getting information directly from the source to make sure that training is in line with what Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese instructors want taught. Through diligent study with the Japanese instructors, the Bujinkan Phipps Dojo has developed a curriculum to teach the basic skills of the Bujinkan.

     The Bujinkan is a traditional set of 9 martial arts schools headed by Dr. Massaki Hatsumi. The skills taught in the Bujinkan include locks, throws, strikes, and weapons coming primarily from 6 of the 9 schools. Focusing on teaching self defence in a comfortable atmosphere, there is a focus on faithfully teaching the techniques and concepts of Bujinkan. Through seminars that are hosted throughout the year, students have a chance to experience the train of other top instructors from around the world.

     If you are the type of person who would like to learn self defence in a enjoyable atmosphere feel free to contact us by email for training times, location, and cost. For up to date information on what is being taught class by class, visit our FaceBook page.

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